Support your children during corona [ COVID 19 ] period කොරෝනා සමයේ දරුවන්ට උපකාර කල හැකි ආකාර කීපයක්

COVID 19, corona period is new to all of us in the world . Not only elders but also children need special support during this critical period .

කාන්තාවන්ගේ අධික තරබාරුව obesity in women

Obesity is a major issues among ladies. It should be clearly identified the reason before treat this .
Diet modification ,exercises are important .but the underlying reasons to be found .

හදිසි උපත්පාලන පෙති Emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraception is needed when you expose to unprotected sexual intercourse .
Treatment for a girl or woman who had to met an unexpected rape incident .
Things you should know about emergency contraception .